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Let’s Talk Vitamins…

Let’s Talk Vitamins…

Let’s Talk Vitamins. No, seriously. When was the last time you took vitamins? If you took your vitamins today, kudos to you. If you didn’t, trust me, I understand why. Taking vitamins is a full-blown commitment. Think about it, when taking vitamins, you are committing to your own health and that is important. Now, if you are someone who is lost and unsure which vitamins you should take, I have a simple solution for you, made for_.

made for_ an online vitamin company with nutritionists that help you select unique vitamins based on your needs. The setup process is very simple. First, you take a short consultation quiz and you will be assigned a list of vitamins based on the quiz results. What is nice about made for_ is that you do have the ability to customize your vitamin pack. Should there be a vitamin that you don’t want, you can swap it out for something else. made for_ offers a variety of vitamins, herbs, and minerals. All of their products are broken down into categories which allows you to make your selections easier. Many of the vitamins that made for_ offers are non-GMO, gluten-free and/or vegan. Which means they offer many vitamins no matter what you are looking for.

Many are not aware the FDA does not require tests on vitamins so sometimes it is unclear as to where ingredients from most vitamins are being sourced from. made for_ conducts a chemical analysis and shares the results with you on the site. This gives you the peace of mind knowing and understand what vitamin you are taking and where its sourced from.

I decided to give a try because I personally enjoy taking individual vitamins. I like that I can select my own personal vitamins and the number of milligrams of that particular vitamin. I’ve become a very health conscious person and research everything when it comes to health. I pay attention to every little thing that I consume including signs of deficiencies. I took the online consultation quiz which takes no more than five minutes and made for_ selected vitamins for me. There were a few that I swapped out so when I finalized my order, my vitamin pack has: Magnesium, Vitamin D3 (vegan), CLA, Pre/Probiotic and Glucosamine.

All of my vitamins are conveniently packed in small packets which makes it easy to just grab and go, except for the CLA. The CLA vitamin is an energy supplement that I use as a pre-workout therefore, I keep this in my gym bag at all times.

Each month you will have the ability to chat with a nutritionist from made for_ to track your progress and see if your vitamin packs need to be updated. This is a great opportunity to discuss any changes in your health. If you feel that you need to make any improvements, this is a great time to talk to your nutritionist to better help you and get the best vitamins that you need.

I’ve been taking my made for_ vitamins for a little over two weeks and I am truly obsessed with the concept and service. When you actually break down the cost of made for_ compared to purchasing your vitamins separately, you are saving a good chunk of money PLUS you will get help from a nutritionist. After taking my quiz, my vitamins were delivered within 2 to 3 days which is amazing. Before trying made for_ I always saw advertisements and didn’t understand the hype but after giving it a try myself, I totally get it and I am so happy that I’ve tried it. It’s so worth it.

I’ve teamed up with the made for_ and they’re giving my readers $10 off their first purchase of vitamins with code BLOGLOVE10Before you make your purchase, I have to know, do you take vitamins regularly?

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  • I can’t remember when was the last time that I took vitamins. I guess I really need to start taking one again so that I will have more energy and be fit to do my works

  • Vitamins are an important daily aspect. I take one every day and have for many years. I’ll never go back!

  • I Do..! ? But not regularly.. Unfortunately I am not that disciplined type of person, I often forget things that I should do on my daily basis. That includes taking supplements..

  • I don’t take vitamins, actually. Lol. I don’t think I have since I was a child (remember Flinstones?). But I do like the personalization of these.

  • Made for vitamins seems like some good supplements to try. Seems like you have had great success with them.

  • I am so much concerned with my health, So important for me that I have enough vitamin and proper diet.

  • This is a must try product. I heard a lot about this. Vitamins are so important to us. It has a lot of benefits that we could get from it.

  • I take vitamin supplements, too, because they give me a boost of energy. Personalized vitamins is an even better concept because it addresses your specific needs.

  • Hmm, I will have to look more into this company. It’s really cool how they tailor vitamins to your specific needs so this definitely something to check out. Thanks!


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