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Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD!

Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD!

Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD! | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

This post is sponsored by Summer’s Eve®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This post may be a little too personal but ladies, let’s face it, we all have to deal with it once a month- PERIOD. Yes, that time of the month. PMS, headaches, cramps, breakouts, all of the emotions, food cravings, being overly tired and the list goes on. We all dread that time of the month. Periods are just another thing that we have to deal with. There is never a right time for Aunt Flo to make an appearance but there are a few ways to make yourself feel confident even when she’s in town.

Let’s be real, in the social media world, it seems as if talking about your period is forbidden. We are all so concerned about what others will think about this topic but I wanted to freely discuss all about our menstrual cycle here on the blog because these are real-life issues for us women. We can all help each other out and boost each other’s confidence on a topic that seems so taboo.

Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD! | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

As you all know I love sharing products and different ways that help me. Today I wanted to share my top ways to feel fresh and confident while I am on my period. I am happy to share that I have partnered with Summer’s Eve® to help share easy ways to help you be confident and stay fresh during that time of the month.

    1. Track Your Cycle – As you get older, you start to listen to your body more and more but sometimes with your busy life, we just tend to ignore the signs. There are loads of great apps out there that help you track your symptoms throughout the month, give you a predicted period start day and may even help predict your future cycles. It is always great to be prepared just in case Aunt Flo shows up a day early.


    1. Stay Hydrated – You should be consuming approximately eight glasses of water a day but when you’re on your period, try to get in more water. At this point, you might be bloated but drinking excess amount of water will flush out waste and help fight with bloating. The more water you drink, the better you will feel.


    1. Stay Fresh – Summer’s Eve® just launched their NEW FreshCycle™ collection that consists of FreshCycle™ No-Rinse Cleansing Foam, Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ 24 ct Flushable* Cleansing Cloths and Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Individually Wrapped Flushable* Cleansing Cloths (14 ct.). The Fresh Cycle™ line helps gently cleanse and freshen up while combating period odor. *refer to product label for full flushability instructions.


This line of products has been formulated with a patent odor reducing ingredient and have been known to reduce period odor without the use of dyes and parabens. The Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Cloths and Summer’s Eve® Fresh Cycle™ No-Rinse Cleansing Foam is lightly scented and is pH-balanced. Of course, these have been clinically tested and gynecologist approved!

Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD! | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

My personal favorite is the Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ Flushable* Cleansing Cloths. I love throwing the individual cloths in my bag and gym bag. Of course, we all want to feel fresh in the comfort of our home but I also want to maintain the freshness while I am out. The individually wrapped Summers Eve® FreshCycle™ Cleansing Cloths are wrapped and so discreet that no-one will know what it is. Perfect for on the go and travel purposes. *Refer to product label for full flushability instructions.

The No-Rinse Cleansing Foam is perfect for at home use. You simply roll up your toilet paper and add a pump or two on to the paper and cleanse as needed. No rinsing necessary. This is another gym bag stable for me as well however I prefer to keep this one at home.

      1. Stay Active – I know, you read the right. Of course, while on your period, you might not want to do anything. Keeping your body active is important. A brisk walk or even yoga is good enough.


      1. Avoid Caffeine + Eat Healthily – This is the time of the month where most of us make excuses to binge on junk food. Caffeine can cause cramps and make you feel achy and bloated. It is best to avoid caffeine during your period. Opt-in for teas or sparkling water during your caffeine craving. If you are craving sweets, load up on fresh fruit. High in water and healthy for you, an easy win-win.


      1. Rest – Resting your body is extremely important. It is so important that we listen to our bodies at all times but especially during your menstrual cycle. I like to think of our menstrual cycle as a time that our body is resetting itself, therefore, resting is okay. Getting a lot of sleep will allow you to wake up feeling extremely rejuvenated!


On the blog, I have been an advocate for self-care methods and perhaps this is another way of self-care but just more intimate. Listen to your body, it never lies. Be sure to sure out the NEW Summer’s Eve® FreshCycle™ products at your local Target store.

Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD! | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

Do you have any tips to share? Share them in the comments!

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Stay Fresh. Be Confident. PERIOD! | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

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