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A Happier Healthier You with FitTrack

A Happier Healthier You with FitTrack

A Happier Healthier You With FitTrack | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Beauty and Fashion Blog

When was the last time you had a full-body scan? Not sure what I’m talking about? How about this, do you know what your body mass index is? Are you aware of what the percentage is of your body fat? Most are unaware simply because they don’t have the proper access to the right scale to give them detailed information when it comes to their body.

FitTrack Smart Scale | Faster Way to track your weight process | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

For many years, I always stayed away from a scale. The only time I was aware of my weight was when I would go for a doctor’s check-up. That means I would know what my weight was once a year. Horrible, I know. I just never felt overweight or felt like my weight was a concern. Therefore I never cared about how much I weighed. Over the last couple of months, I realized how important it is to know my body weight along with body water percentage, muscle rate, bone mass and so much more! As I get older,my personal fitness goals have shifted more towards strength and conditioning. I am more focused on building more muscle.

FitTrack Smart Scale | Faster Way to track your weight process | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

Understanding my body is so important. I have been using the FitTrack Dara Smart Body BMI Scale to help me track my weight and 17 additional metrics! FitTrack is an at-home smart scale that measures more than just your weight. Consider FitTrack your new buddy. The FitTrack smart scale measures your weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and gives you personalized insights to help track progress to help reach your health goals.

The FitTrack Smart Scale sends Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology, so when you stand on the scale, a safe electrical signal is sent from the four metal electrodes through the bottom of your feet up to your stomach. Your fat mass, bone mass, and muscle mass make up your entire body composition. Your body composition is measured in less than 20 seconds.

It is important to note that people with an electronic medical implant such as a pacemaker should not use this composition monitor. If you are pregnant, you should only use the weight only function.

FitTrack measures the following:

FitTrack Smart Scale | Faster Way to track your weight process | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Fashion and Beauty Blog

FitTrack is ideal for anyone whether you’re dieting for a summer bod or an athlete looking to understand more about your body composition. Let this be a fun family device. With FitTrack’s family mode, it can recognize up to eight users through the free app.

Simply download the FitTrack app (free available on iOS and Android) and once you start using the smart scale, all of your data will sync to your phone via Bluetooth. You can adjust your settings and have the app sends you a notification to remind you to weigh in.

Curious about your body? Get FitTrack today! Since I am pretty much obsessed with my scale, I have teamed up with FitTrack to give you guys a discount. Head over to and use code: ADRIANA20 to save 20% off your purchase.

Before you leave, tell me, do you have any fitness goals? If so what are they?

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A Happier Healthier You | Adriana Lately A Lifestyle Beauty and Fashion Blog

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  • I agree with you and loved the way you described the key parameters which helps to determine our fitness level

  • This shit seriously exists?! You just step on it and it can tell you all that? I shouldn’t be surprised this day and age but I still am. I’m still over here pinching my belly trying to figure out fat %…. ?‍♀️

  • I also can’t remember the last time I was on a scale. But I would want to have this Fitness app since I’m also on a fitness journey. My goal is to be able to workout comfortably without breathing too heavily.

  • A smart scale sounds like a good idea because it’s not only about weight but loads more when it comes to fitness & health.

    – Nandita

  • This is way better than just seeing a number on the scale! It’s great to be able to see the different percentages to know what you need to focus on

  • Wow I’ve never seen an at home scale that gave so many different metrics. I’m going to have to check this out! I personally don’t base weight as the only measurement so this will be great!

  • Girl I knew from the opening question this was gonna be a good read. I do not know the answer to that question. This was very engaging and I see the value in this investment.

  • OOOH! I love a good fitness and health app! Trying to lose a little weight this summer but I want to keep track! Will look further into FitTrack!

  • I can totally relate to this..! I was only able to know my weight whenever I have to go a hospital or clinic too..!

  • Thank you for sharing such an informative post about our health. It’s definitely something that people need to pay more attention to

  • I’ve been using my own version of fittrack and it really helps me to manage BMI. But I would love to take a look with this.

  • I love this. ! I do cross fit and try to lose some weight to improve the quality of my exercise and my strength. This device looks amazing. thanks will try for sure

  • I never heard of this before but it sounds awesome! I’m going to get this and try it out!


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