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A Simple Toddler Bedroom Makeover

A Simple Toddler Bedroom Makeover

Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review | Toddler bedroom makeover

When I found out that I was pregnant with my son. I became infatuated with how I would decorate his room. As he grew up, his room themes have changed as well as his furniture. We went from a crib to a twin size bed and now a full-sized bed. I decided to give the popular boxed mattress trend a try for my little guy and here’s what I think.

Toddler Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Allswell Mattress Review

Back in the day, buying a mattress would be stressful. But now it is so easy and in my opinion fun! The one thing that has not changed is the quality of mattress’. The quality of mattress’ these days are amazing but the price? Well, the prices may make you question whether you need a new mattress. I found a solution that eliminates the cost factors and still gives you a high-quality mattress.

Toddler Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Allswell Mattress Review | Pinterest Adriana Lately

My very tall three-year-old had been in a twin-sized bed for about two years and I felt that it was time to upgrade his room. I figured that he needed more space. I decided to swap out the twin for The Allswell Hybrid. This post is sponsored by Allswell. It contains affiliate links. The opinions and reviews of the products are my own.

A Boxed Bed Review | Allswell Hybrid Mattress

The set up is super easy. Keep in mind the package is heavy (stating the obvious here) but that is the only challenge to setting up the bed. Once you get the mattress out of the box, the rest is a piece of cake. There are no instructions needed. Simply remove the plastic and the bed will begin to puff up on its own. It’s like magic!

Toddler Room Makeover Edition

Once the bed has puffed up. I did let it sit out before making the bed up. After all, its been in a box. I instantly felt how plush and soft it was but it was still pretty firm. The Allswell Hybrid mattress uses a combination of individually wrapped coils, memory foam and its signature quilting.

Allswell offers a variety of mattresses and bedding collections that will help you complete your cozy bed scape, including sheets, blanket throws, duvets and more. For Leo’s room theme, I wanted to keep the color palette as clean as possible. I kept everything blue and white. For his bed scape, I went with this blue and white throw. I selected these sheets in white. They are cool to the touch and feel super luxurious. I also picked out this throw 100% cotton throw blanket. It is very soft and gives his room a soft and sophisticated look.

Toddler Boy Room Makeover | Allswell Mattress Review

The struggle of looking for a top-notch mattress are behind us these days. I must admit, I was hesitant about a boxed mattress but I can honestly say, the Allswell mattress is the best thing that I have come across for our home. In time, I plan on swapping out all of the mattress’ in the home for an Allswell mattress and upgrading my mattress to this one because momma deserves it!

Have you tried the boxed mattress trend?

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Toddler Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Allswell Mattress Review

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