The Easiest Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee, the first beverage that I consume in the morning. Whether it be hot or cold, coffee is my go-to in the morning. During the hot summer months, I opt for iced coffee. Cold brew coffee is my preference. Cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee in room temperature for a few hours. This creates a coffee concentrate and you can either have it hot or cold.

Copy Cat Starbucks Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Cold brew coffee is lower in its acidity and has a sweeter taste because it is not exposed to hot water. With its naturally sweet taste, I love adding a little extra sweetness to my coffee. I use Torani Vanilla Syrup and add half and half which creates my coffee creamer!

Copy Cat Starbucks Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

The Torani Vanilla Syrup is made with simple and real ingredients such as natural flavors and pure cane sugar. It mixes well and very easy to use. You can add it to almost anything including your latte, cocoa or in my case, cold brew coffee.

Torani Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Learn how to create my morning Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee that will take you less than 10 minutes.

Copy Cat Starbucks Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Torani Syrups make it easy for you to create your personalized beverage. Add more or less of the syrup to suit your preference. Be sure to check out Torani Syrups and Torani Sugar-Free Syrups at your local Kroger.

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What is your favorite coffee drink?

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Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Torani. All thoughts mentioned are my own.

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  1. amine wrote:

    Wow! there are so many Info for me! thanks for sharing this with us. It looks delicious, I must try some. have a wonderful day

    Posted 9.6.19 Reply
  2. twinspirational wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this..! It looks so delicious and satisfying, great job on this blog..!

    Posted 9.8.19 Reply
  3. Ruth I wrote:

    I’m a great coffee lover myself. I consume it first thing in the morning also. #coffeeislife

    Posted 9.8.19 Reply
  4. Maureen wrote:

    I love a good cold brew, and Torani vanilla syrup adds a subtle sweetness to it. My fave is their caramel flavor.

    Posted 9.8.19 Reply
  5. Maysz wrote:

    I love ice coffee and I will definetly make this one! Looks yummy <3

    Posted 9.8.19 Reply
  6. Jasmine M wrote:

    I’d love to add some vanilla flavor to my coffee! I feel like this would perk up the start of my mornings even more. I’ll definitely be trying some of this soon!

    Posted 9.9.19 Reply
  7. Kristal wrote:

    I am not a coffee drinker but we are always fully stocked because my husband is a huge hot coffee drinker. I will have to tell him about this product.

    Posted 9.11.19 Reply
  8. Gladys Nava wrote:

    Oh wow! That is pretty good! I would love to try this easy coffee! Thanks for the wonderful idea! ♥

    Posted 9.12.19 Reply
  9. Gaica Santiago wrote:

    This looks nice and simple to put together. My husband would absolutely love this for sure.

    Posted 9.14.19 Reply
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