At-Home Gel Manicure Essentials

Let’s talk quarantine nails! Since all nonessential businesses are shut down, many of us are taking our self-care routines to a whole new level. That includes me. I have been going to the same nail salon for over three years and have been getting SNS nails since. But, since nail salons are closed, I did it my manicure and pedicure at home and the results are better than expected.

I would share a step. by step tutorial but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Basecoat, cure with the UV/LED light and so on. I purchased everything from Amazon and it came before the actual delivery date. There are many UV/LED lights but I found this one to be the most affordable and the reviews were amazing. The same goes for the base coat and topcoat. There are SO many but I went with this one, it’s less than $10 and available on prime. Now as far as a nail prep, I went with the OPI Bond Aid because I remember my previous nail salon using it on me many years ago when I started getting gel manicures. As far as colors, I used this pink on my toes and this ivory color on my nails. Of course, I wanted OPI gel colors but you need a beauty license to get those colors. If you find a color that you like, be sure to read the reviews and look at the pictures from the reviews to get a true view of the colors. While exploring all of the gel products I came across this cuticle remover that had 1,000+ reviews. It works amazing with this cuticle pusher!

If you purchase any of these items, tag me on Instagram [ @adrianalately ], I’d love to see your at home manicures!

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