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How to Make a Charcuterie Board

How to Make a Charcuterie Board

How To Make A Charcuterie Board

What is better than a glass of delicious wine, a fun charcuterie board, and enjoying the outdoors. I love charcuterie boards because they can have many combinations of flavors and they are so easy to put together.

Over the weekend, I put together a simple meatless charcuterie board. I did a meatless board because I do not eat red meat but keep in mind you can make a charcuterie board with anything. You can find a charcuterie board with candy, that’s right. You can experiment with anything when it comes to your boards.  

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Of course, one of the important things to include with your charcuterie board is wine. I do not have a favorite as I enjoy all types of wine but with this particular board, I went with white wine. I found that with all of the pungent flavors from the cheese and the olives, a Pinot Grigio paired so well. I love this Pinot Grigio by Luna Nuda. This wine has delicious notes of green apple, honeydew melon, white almond, and a slightly tangy, mineral note. 

“Luna Nuda, “naked moon” is derived from the mystery and influence the full moon has on the growing, harvesting, and winemaking traditions winemakers in Italy have practiced for centuries.”

Depending on what type of board you are creating, you can certainly find a wine by Luna Nuda to pair with. Such as their Red Wine Blend, which is a full-bodied wine with notes of dark cherries and ripe blackberries and hints of licorice and chile pepper. This wine will pair nicely with a charcuterie board with cured meat. Luna Nuda wines also has a Rosé and a Prosecco. You can learn more about Luna Nuda wines here.  

It’s always nice to know about your wine pairings especially if you are hosting and want to wow your guests. My simple charcuterie board and Luna Nuda’s Pinot Grigio paired perfectly together. Below I included the items that I used to make this simple board. As far as placement, have fun with it and make it unique in your own way. 

Easiest Charcuterie Board, Meatless Charcuterie Board, Wine Pairings, Summer Gathering Ideas


This particular wood board is no longer available but I found a similar one here.

CHEESE – You will want a variety of cheeses that you like and enjoy. You want to add a mixture of soft, and sharp cheeses. You can also add a spreadable cheese as well. I think it’s much easier to serve cheeses when they are already cut. To make fun shapes, use cookie cutters. 

CRACKERS – Try adding a buttery cracker and a grain cracker to pair with your cheese. 

FRUITS –  For me, I like to add flavor and color to my boards. I love berries so for this board, I went with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

NUTS – Be sure to add salty and unshelled nuts to your board. The saltiness will break up the many flavors that you have on your board.

OLIVES AND DIPS – Adding a variety of dips and items like olives and pickles add a quick and easy flavor to your board. 

When it comes to charcuterie boards, be creative and do not be afraid to stack your items and using all types of flavors. In other words, have lots of fun with your boards and of course, enjoy with a glass of Luna Nuda wine.

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How To Make A Charcuterie Board

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