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Cozy Earth Loungewear – Is It Worth It?

Cozy Earth Loungewear – Is It Worth It?

Cozy Earth Bedding and Pajamas

I posted these pajamas on Instagram yesterday and received so many DM’s about them. These pajamas ( also, cozy enough to be loungewear) set is from Cozy Earth. They are well known for their premium bamboo bedding. I remember hearing about them a while ago and asked myself, are they worth it? 

I decided to give their Stretch-Knit Bamboo Classic Pajama Set and wow, yes! 1000% worth it. These pajamas have enhanced breathability, temperature regulation and they are super flattering! They run true to size and come in a total of two colors. Right now, they are having an amazing sale plus, you can use my code: adrianalately50 for additional savings! Cozy Earth also has an entire line of bedding too! Be sure to check them out here

Happy Shopping and Happy Friday! ?


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