The Best Holiday Books You Need To Read + Gift Ideas

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One thing that I enjoy about the holidays is that we get to take a moment to slow down from our day to day routines and find time to relax. If you are a book lover, this post is for you. I came across a few holiday books that I wanted to share and think that they would make great holiday gifts and/or stocking stuffers. 

Holiday Gift Ideas Holiday Books

If you have seen the Netflix show Virgin River, you would enjoy this. It is a perfect read for yourself, your mom, sister, and bestie. It’s a story about new beginnings during the holiday season. Available on or Amazon.

Love Bridget Jones? Keep reading! This story is about a woman who is struggling to get over her past traumatic relationship and pretends to be the “perfect girl” in an act of retaliation but there’s a plot twist and it is so good. You have to read it! This book is available now at or 

Holiday Gift Ideas Holiday Books Found on Amazon, Amazon Gift Ideas,

This is one of my favorites. This is a perfect gift for yourself. Two girls, Antoinette and Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel knew that they wanted more out of life. They were abandoned by their family years prior. When they were finally of age to live their lives after growing up under the guidance of nuns who prepared them for simple lives, they had to find a new way of life on their own with or without each other. It’s interesting to see how they end up. It is such a good read. Available now on and Amazon.

The is such a good holiday read. It’s so emotional and heartfelt. It’s a tale of how a family reconnects and builds their relations back over the holidays and how love is also found along the way. Perfect for your bestie, mom, or sister. Available at and Amazon

Holiday Gift Ideas Holiday Books Found on Amazon, Amazon Gift Ideas,

A goal of mine for the new year is to read more novels and these have been great reads for me. I think your loved ones would love these books as holiday gifts as well! For more holiday gift ideas head over to the holiday section of my blog HERE to see my other holiday recommendations.

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