Meet Adriana Lately - Atlanta Based Lifestyle Blogger

Hi there! ?  It’s my pleasure to have you here. My name is Adriana. I am the content creator behind the brand, Adriana Lately. Consider Adriana Lately an online outlet where you will find articles on the latest fashion trends, hair and beauty tips, food guides, recipes, parenting hacks, and travel guides. If you made it this far, we are officially digital BFFs ? If you have a question on a specific topic you can reach out here or on Instagram. I love connecting with you guys. Thank you for stopping by and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you Atlanta? No. I am a southern transplant. I am from Yonkers, New York. A small suburban city right outside of New York City. I have also lived in Connecticut for about eight years before moving to Atlanta.

Were you always a blogger? Kind of. I have been blogging for many years, however, prior to becoming a full-time blogger, I worked in the corporate real estate industry.

How did you become a full-time blogger? Long story short, after many years of trial and error I found my niche and became consistent and dedicated myself to creating content. I treated my blog like a business until it officially became one. Blogging consists of many long days, long nights, tons of writing…I can go on and on. Perhaps one day, I will share my blogging journey on the blog. For any additional blogging questions you can ask here.

What camera do you use? For brand photos, all photos are shot with this camera and for random Instagram photos, it is a mix between this camera and my iPhone.

How are your photos so light and bright? I use Adobe Lightroom for editing with a preset that I created. I would suggest looking at Etsy for presets or playing around with the settings in Lightroom to create your own.

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